Ignore Resource name case when matching during CSV import

During the CSV import, one of the steps is matching Resource names in the CSV to those in Price&Cost. Before we were case-sensitive. So, a "JOHN" would not be the same as "John". We are not anymore!

We've added "Show only billable" filter

We've now added a "Show only billable projects" filter to the project dashboard

Screenshot at May 16 11-17-55.png

Non-billable projects in Harvest are now correctly synced to Price&Cost

A non-billable project in Harvest is now correctly synced as non-billable to Price&Cost.

Disable updating project budget goal on Harvest sync

Before we would update your project budget goal in Price&Cost with total budget for that project from Harvest. So, if in Harvest you would have set a project budget as "Total Project Fees" or "Fees per Task" - we'd sync those to Price&Cost every night. Now, you can chose if you don't want this to happen.

Screenshot at May 16 11-24-14.png

Harvest sync - progress indicator

You can now easily track the progress of your Harvest sync with the progress indicator.

Screenshot at May 16 11-11-08.png

Fixed CSV/Forecast import - handling projects with no Client defined

If you were trying to import a CSV file (either a Forecast report or any other CSV from your ERP system) - the import would result in an error if the Client column was mapped, but at least 1 project would not have Client defined.

This is now fixed with additional validation before starting the import process.

Fixed importing Harvest projects with no start date

If you have a number of projects in Harvest without a start date defined - those would import with undefined date into Price&Cost, leading to errors in budget calculations until the start date was set.

This is now fixed and projects with no start date are assigned today's date as a start.

Fixed status report errors with custom date format

PDF status reports were resulting in error if the custom date format was not set properly in Price&Cost.

This has now been fixed!

Project Budget goal now updates with every Harvest sync

When using our Harvest integration, the projects imported from Harvest would have the Budget Goal populated from either the "Project Total Fees" budget field in Harvest or total of the "Fees per task" fields in Harvest.

However, once the project is imported - this information would not be synchronised back to Price&Cost. Now, we update this field during the nightly Harvest sync.

Fixed accidental dragging of resource row on projects

Trying to delete resources on projects caused accidental dragging of resource row.

This has now been fixed!

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