Fixed handling of time submitted against different tasks on the project by the same person for the same date

Before if a resource in Harvest submitted time across 2 tasks on a project on the same date - Price&Cost would be led to believe this is a change in the time submitted, therefore, creating a new project version is Price&Cost every day.

This is not fixed and no new versions are created, unless there's genuinely a change in the time entries in Harvest.

Better handling of non-billable tasks in Harvest

We've improved the way we handle time submitted against non-billable tasks in Harvest. Learn more from our FAQ page.

Configure scale of your status reports

Reports section not only looks better now, but you can now change the scale of your status reports.

Screenshot at Mar 14 16-09-36.png

This feature is especially useful if you are dealing with longer projects and want to report with weekly / monthly granularity.

More flexibility with Internal Cost Rates

Internal Costs are now defined per Person and not per Role.

This gives you the most flexibility, allowing you to retain correct Internal Cost rate when assigning your resources to different roles on the project.

You can define your Cost Rates in the Resourcing section

Tag filtering improvement

Filtering projects in the dashboard by multiple tags, we now use AND operator (OR operator was used before)

Archived projects filtering improvements

When you filter to show Archived projects in your Dashboard - this now shows only archived projects.

Always open your projects at monthly scale

We've now added the ability to define monthly scale as a default in Settings.

Edit Role name and Rates in one tab

We've improved Roles handling in the Resource section. You can now edit Role name and all the role-based Rates in one single tab. Check it out here.

Give your team different permissions

You can now add multiple types of users to your Price&Cost account - try it here.

We've added Manager and Contributor user types with different permissions in the app. Contributors have no access to internal cost information. Useful when you don't want this sensitive information to be shared with junior members of your team.

Read more about the user types in our help article.

Filter projects by billing type or performance

We've introduced 2 new filtering options in the dashboard:

  • Filtering by project billing type (Time&Materials, Fixed Price, etc.)
  • Filtering out only underperforming projects - so you can focus on projects that need your attention

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