California Overtime Rules support

We've added support for California overtime rules to Price&Cost. Read more about overtime calculation in the state of California.

Screenshot at Nov 20 10-01-55.png

Smart Project Duplication

Be it an active or archived project - just hover over and click "Duplicate project"


You can select to create a new project from the original plan (Baseline), but more importantly - you can choose "Latest version" - so all your actuals that you've captured for that project during its lifecycle are transferred into your new estimate.

Real data, something you've already done and know is likely to be realistic:


Harvest integration - assign team in Harvest

More Harvest improvements! You can now assign the team members when sending a project from Price&Cost to Harvest!

Screenshot at Oct 01 15-57-16.png

CSV/Forecast import - only update existing projects

When importing CSV files into Price&Cost (either from your ERP or Harvest Forecast) - you can now choose to only update existing projects (so no new projects will be created).

Screenshot at Oct 01 15-55-12.png

Harvest integration - Archiving sync

We've improved out Harvest integration! We now keep the project archiving in sync between Harvest and Price&Cost.

When the project is archived in Price&Cost We now offer to archive this project in Harvest as well Screenshot at Oct 01 15-51-01.png

When the project is archived in Harvest There's now a setting that archives the project in Price&Cost once it's archived in Harvest Screenshot at Oct 01 15-52-04.png

More explicit Project duration

Straight away see when the project is set to start and end, without even having to go to one of the Resource tabs

Screenshot at Sep 20 18-32-17.png

Quickly see all your Draft Projects

We've added a new Draft filter, so can easily focus on prepping those estimates and win more jobs :)

Screenshot at Sep 20 18-29-19.png

Add Notes to Projects

You can now add text notes to projects! Great to capture some important information: payment milestones, some key deliver dates, etc.

Screenshot at Sep 20 18-25-47.png

Non-billable rows are now easier to spot

We've added a little icon to non-billable rows on your projects, so it's easier to distinguish them amongst other resource rows.

Screenshot at Sep 20 18-17-25.png

Resource archiving

You can now Archive People resources instead of just deleting them.

Screenshot at Sep 14 16-41-45.png

Archived resources will not be showing up when adding new Resources on projects any more, however, will be safely retained on all existing projects

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