Price and Cost changelog
Price and Cost changelog

Adding a new Resource on project was blocking adding further Resources





We've accidentally broken the ability to add more than one Resource when estimating the project. This now got fixed.

Ensuring no duplication of data in Reporting





In rare cases, some of the figures in reports were shown 2x or 3x larger than they actually are.

We've implemented a fix to ensure recalculation of the cache that's driving the reporting feature is preventing duplicate data rows creation.

Full 2-way integration between Activities in Price&Cost and Task in Harvest





This is something we've been working on for some time and are really excited to finally release!

Read more about the updated Sync process in our Help Section.

The update allows for:

  • time entries submitted against a Task in Harvest to map to the correct existing Activity in Price&Cost
  • time entries submitted against a Task in Harvest to create an Activity on the projects in Price&Cost if it doesn't exist yet.
  • time submitted against a non-billable Task in Harvest mapping correctly to - - Non-billable Activity in Price&Cost (before it would create a non-billable row against a Default Activity in Price&Cost)
  • same people submitting time against different Tasks in Harvest mapping correctly to Activities in Price&Cost (before this time would get aggregated against the first instance of that Resource in Price&Cost)

Preventing accidental editing of past Versions of the Projects





We now show a warning before you accidentally make a change to a past version of the project.


Adding custom allocation to Resources on projects





In addition to using the Full-time / Half-time allocation shortcuts, you now have Custom allocation option.


This allows you to choose the amount of hours/days to allocate the Resource per day/week.

Resource Names/Roles don't update on projects until force refresh





We've fixed an issue where changing the Resource Names / Roles in the Resource section didn't update the list of available Resources on projects until you force a refresh of the page in the browser.

Edit modal pops up in a loop after duplicating the project





We've introduced an issue recently where after duplicating the project - it'll keep popping up the project Edit modal in a loop until you refresh the page.

This has now been fixed!

Show Actuals/Planned split dynamically depending on version creation date on past versions





We've made a small but valuable improvement. When looking at past versions of your project you can now see an accurate representation of what was the actual VS planned time back then, when the version was created by the system. This allows you to understand your past project performance in more detail.

Entering a decimal value for Other Costs wasn't always correctly recognized





When entering Other Costs with a decimal value (say 1,000.52) the decimal point wasn't always recognized by the system, resulting in incorrect values (100,052).

This is now fixed!

Effort in the Activity list page was shown in hours even if you set your account to show effort in days





We are now showing the effort in the correct units on the Activity list page.