Price and Cost changelog
Price and Cost changelog

Sunsetting MS Project and Forecast import

We are removing support for MS Project import and Forecast import.

Instead, we are focussing on building more native integrations.

Making filters order in Reports consistent




Some filters were not ordered correctly

Some fixes for Reporting




Better handling of duplicate Project names in Reporting filters.

Also, we no longer show empty projects in the Reports.

New Reporting functionality





The new Reporting feature takes a slightly different approach to Report consumption. We no longer show the Grids and Charts in Price&Costs UI, but instead offer Reports as downloads. All the Reports will be downloaded as Excel (.xlsx) files. We've learned that is what 90% of our customers were doing with the previous version of Reporting implementation.

The new implementation offers better and more flexible filtering. We have more properties for you to filter your Reports by.

The new Reporting is quicker and more performant.

Learn more about New Reporting.

Support for Retainer projects when viewing performance per resource




Not so long ago we introduced an ability to see performance per individual resource across all activities or for an individual activity.

Now, Retainer projects got the same superpowers.

Project code support




You can now add project codes (aka job codes) to Price&Cost projects.

What's more - we synchronize project codes with Harvest. You can define a project code in Price&Cost when pushing an estimate to Harvest and keep it in sync with any changes from Harvest.

Disabling Editing of Expenses synced from Harvest




To make sure we keep consistency around Expenses in Harvest and Other Cost in Price&Cost, we've disabled the editing of any expenses synced from Harvest. This way you can be sure you don't accidentally change the amount or any other detail.


Additional Data synced for Harvest Expenses




We are now syncing additional expense data for your Harvest projects:

  • Date
  • Description
  • Receipt attachment

Add Details to Expenses




You can now add details like Date, Description and Link to you Expenses/Other Costs in Price&Cost!


Consistent Activity names across projects




You can now search existing Activity names when adding Activities to a project. This way you can ensure consistency with naming your Activities across projects:


Adding a new activity with a unique name is as easy as before: