Price and Cost changelog
Price and Cost changelog

Export Team Schedule for a project as a CSV





Export a detailed CSV file for every day your People resources are scheduled on the project. The file includes Budget, Cost, and Profit contribution values per day per team member.

Great for custom project analysis in Excel/Google Sheets!


Pinpoint which activity and when is impacting your project financials





If your project has already started, we now show which Activity is underperforming and more importantly if it's something that's already happened (so not much you can do) or something that's forecasted to happened (so you can still mitigate it).

Check out our blog post for more information about this new feature.

We show per activity performance overview in 3 places:

Project header:


Project summary: SPghJ1upCh.gif

Activity details: bV0QZeeo3a.gif

See Budget, Internal Cost, Profit and Effort breakdown per activity during estimation





You are in the middle of project estimation and whilst "in the zone" you want to understand which Activity is taking you over Budget or which one is killing your profitability.

Read our blog post for more details around the new functionality


Now, this is easy to find out! Just hover over the desired metric in the header and we'll show you the breakdown.

In addition to that, we'll show you per-Activity comparison when you start iterating on your Estimates by creating alternative versions:


Disallowing zero Cost Rates For Resource and Materials





We no longer allow Cost Rates for Resources or Materials on the projects to be zero. Sounds logical, doesn't it? :)

Faster project performance metrics calculation





The Budget, Internal Cost, Profitability, and Effort Metrics in the Project details view take far less time to calculate from now on.

Screenshot at Aug 31 13-41-37.png

Faster project chart loading





Project charts are now blazing-fast!

Learn more about using project charts for estimation and project tracking.

Screenshot at Aug 31 14-04-42.png

Adding a new Resource on project was blocking adding further Resources





We've accidentally broken the ability to add more than one Resource when estimating the project. This now got fixed.

Ensuring no duplication of data in Reporting





In rare cases, some of the figures in reports were shown 2x or 3x larger than they actually are.

We've implemented a fix to ensure recalculation of the cache that's driving the reporting feature is preventing duplicate data rows creation.

Full 2-way integration between Activities in Price&Cost and Task in Harvest





This is something we've been working on for some time and are really excited to finally release!

Read more about the updated Sync process in our Help Section.

The update allows for:

  • time entries submitted against a Task in Harvest to map to the correct existing Activity in Price&Cost
  • time entries submitted against a Task in Harvest to create an Activity on the projects in Price&Cost if it doesn't exist yet.
  • time submitted against a non-billable Task in Harvest mapping correctly to - - Non-billable Activity in Price&Cost (before it would create a non-billable row against a Default Activity in Price&Cost)
  • same people submitting time against different Tasks in Harvest mapping correctly to Activities in Price&Cost (before this time would get aggregated against the first instance of that Resource in Price&Cost)

Preventing accidental editing of past Versions of the Projects





We now show a warning before you accidentally make a change to a past version of the project.