Choose default scale and units for all new projects

You can now easily set the default scale and units for all new projects. So, if you are accustomed to be estimating in mandays per week - you can set this as default.

This setting is available in the Global Settings

Choose behaviour for gap days when importing CSV timesheets

When importing CSV timesheets you can now define how you want to treat gap days in the imported dataset. Let's say you have forecasted the person to work 8h per day 5 days in a certain week. However, when importing timesheets for the same period - you only have time entries for Monday and Tuesday. This can be either of 2 things:

  • the person genuinely didn't work on those days, despite your forecast. Your forecast must be overwritten
  • the person didn't enter their full timesheets yet. Your forecast should be preserved

This setting is available on the import screen

Import timesheets as CSV files

Once the project kicks off and timesheets start coming in, you can import them as CSV files. Virtually any time-tracking software can generate CSV files. Easily map to existing clients, projects and resource or create new ones by importing data.

Produce project status reports, download as PDF

Produce project financial status reports for your stakeholders. Use a more detailed view, showing Costs and Profit margin for internal purposes. Share precise up to date Budget usage and forecast reports with your clients.

Just click "Print and Export" button from any project version:

Generate project quotes, download as Excel files

Once you've arrived at the right estimate, you can easily export project quote with resource breakdown as an Excel document. Insert into your Statement of Work or contract.

Just click "Print and Export" button from any project version:

All currencies are available

You can now select literally every currency in the world for your project.

Easier access to project versions

Your project versions have a new home and workflow in now much easier!

Support for Billable / Non-billable projects

We now support both billable and non-billable projects!

When setting the project as non-billable - we will hide everything related to client prices/rates, profit, etc.

This way you can focus better on estimating and tracking your internal projects.

Updated Add project / Edit project dialog

A more logical layout of the dialog when you add or edit the project.

Several improvements to terminology

We've made a number of changes to the way we name things throughout the app.

For example:

  • What used to be Price, Cost, Margin - became Budget, Internal Cost, Profit
  • For Resources in your projects the headings are now Internal Cost, Client rate, instead of Price, Cost
  • etc.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Price and Cost will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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