Custom project profitability threshold

It is now possible to define profitability thresholds as a default setting (applicable to all projects by default) as well as configure those on a project-by-project basis.

There are 2 ways to define your profitability goals:

  • Baseline variance
  • Absolute profitability

Read more about this new feature!


Improved Add Project dialog

We've now improved the Add project dialog by separating it into 2 tabs:

  • General Settings
  • Financial settings

Screenshot at Jul 03 23-02-46.png

Screenshot at Jul 03 23-03-02.png

Project dashboard now shows project profitability

It is now easier than ever to understand project financial performance right from the dashboard - we are now showing profitability % instead of profit for every project:


Ignore Resource name case when matching during CSV import

During the CSV import, one of the steps is matching Resource names in the CSV to those in Price&Cost. Before we were case-sensitive. So, a "JOHN" would not be the same as "John". We are not anymore!

We've added "Show only billable" filter

We've now added a "Show only billable projects" filter to the project dashboard

Screenshot at May 16 11-17-55.png

Non-billable projects in Harvest are now correctly synced to Price&Cost

A non-billable project in Harvest is now correctly synced as non-billable to Price&Cost.

Disable updating project budget goal on Harvest sync

Before we would update your project budget goal in Price&Cost with total budget for that project from Harvest. So, if in Harvest you would have set a project budget as "Total Project Fees" or "Fees per Task" - we'd sync those to Price&Cost every night. Now, you can chose if you don't want this to happen.

Screenshot at May 16 11-24-14.png

Harvest sync - progress indicator

You can now easily track the progress of your Harvest sync with the progress indicator.

Screenshot at May 16 11-11-08.png

Fixed CSV/Forecast import - handling projects with no Client defined

If you were trying to import a CSV file (either a Forecast report or any other CSV from your ERP system) - the import would result in an error if the Client column was mapped, but at least 1 project would not have Client defined.

This is now fixed with additional validation before starting the import process.

Fixed importing Harvest projects with no start date

If you have a number of projects in Harvest without a start date defined - those would import with undefined date into Price&Cost, leading to errors in budget calculations until the start date was set.

This is now fixed and projects with no start date are assigned today's date as a start.

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